Attention Small Business & Online Business Owners

Frustrated About Spending Endless Hours Trying to Get Answers To YOUR Online Problems Only To Find The Information Is Outdated Or Isn’t Specific To Your Needs?

“Maybe You Are Looking For Someone To Help Guide You
Through Your Online Business Needs And Processes.”

Stop wasting time and money trying to figure it out all on your own. Now you can get help you need, when you need it… all for less than your daily cup of coffee.

My name is Frank Deardurff, “That One Web Guy!” Friends and colleagues have dubbed me ‘Webmaster to the Stars’, due to the famous Internet marketers, authors and speakers I’ve worked for and with all over the world and I have been called the “go to” web guy for just about every big name in the Internet marketing business. And now you have access to my brain and resources, online, 24/7.

I understand you’re sick and tired of your website’s technology not working and being stuck from making the progress you deserve.


That all changes today and here’s why…

I Know What The REAL TRUTH IS. You want to market and make money, and instead, you are stuck on the technology… And you are frustrated as heck that you can’t find the answer, your webmaster takes too long, charges too much (for a simple fix you could do yourself in 5 minutes if you had the right answer). And the biggest problem is that your marketing is held up because of these issues, so not only are you losing money from your promotions, you’re also losing momentum from building and growing your business.

The Real Truth is this… You’ve never had the right resources or guidance provided to you. The fact is you’re not REALLY a technophobe. I mean how can you be afraid of something you’ve never been shown?

That’s why I created my inner circle to provide you all of the training you will need and then some. You can even post questions for me to answer and post in the member’s area.

I’ve been told many times my training is explained in a way anyone can “get it” no matter where they are in their abilities.

Valerie Dawson of
Valerie Dawson

“I was a newbie…”

Hi, I’m Valerie Dawson of When I first started working with Frank about 6 years ago, I was a newbie and a true techno-phobe. But with Frank’s excellent coaching and training, I was able to learn how to quickly create a website to sell my info product. And to my surprise, it actually made money right away!

Today, I now have multiple info products, and I absolutely love getting all the checks in the mail every month, even for the products I created a long time ago! Just one product alone has generated over 6 figures in passive income!

Now here’s my secret: I still don’t know much about HTML or any computer technology. What Frank did for me, is he broke down the information in a way that I could easily understand it, so I would know how to delegate and have others do the work for me.

Frank is truly a wonderful, patient teacher who really wants you to succeed. I am so grateful for Frank’s guidance and I highly recommend his products and services.

Let Me Tell You Why I’m Certain I Can Help You

I want to help people just like you end that frustration and not have to go what I (and many others) have gone through. My thought is to create one location where people, no matter their skill set, can go and easily learn these technologies with out overwhelm and keep up to date without going broke.

Many know me online as “That One Web Guy!” others know me as Frank Deardurff. I’ve been online for over 20 years. In that time I have worked for some of the biggest names online and off. I could list off a long line of well-known Internet marketers, authors, and public speakers. Many who had a web person and for some reason or another called me to help with a problem that couldn’t be solved or fill in for an M.I.A. webmaster.

I’ve been a webmaster or worked on projects for authors, marketers, copywriters and industry leaders such as Armand Morin, Alex Mandossian, Mike Litman and Jason Oman (Authors of Conversations With Millionaires), Mark Victor Hansen and Jack Canfield (Authors of Chicken Soup for the Soul), and Lorrie Morgan-Ferrero. I’ve worked on projects for Brian Tracy, Les Brown, Stephen Covey, Stephen Pierce, Rich Schefren and many more.

Armand Morin
Alex Mandossian
Mike Litman
Jason Oman
Mark Victor Hansen
Jack Canfield
Lorrie Morgan
Bryan Tracy
Les Brown
Stephen Covey
Stephen Pierce
Rich Schefren

Lorrie Morgan

“…passionate about online design
and resources for many decades”

“When it comes to your online presence, your site gets compared to other sites in your industry. You may have prospects that drop by and leave because your website is too confusing or hard-to-navigate. Well, you’ll never have that problem if Frank Deardurff is on your team. He’s been passionate about online design and resources for many decades. What I really respect about Frank is his knowledge about designing direct response websites that work. Whether you’re looking for a brilliant web designer who really captures your essence or wants to understand the art of designing a powerful site yourself, Frank is your go-to guy”

Lorrie Morgan
Copywriter, and Author of “The She Factor” -

“…going the extra mile”

“Frank is life saver, who is forever going the extra mile for clients like me and pulls all-nighters when necessary to do the impossible in a blink of an eye…i like, respect, appreciate and recommend Frank and his services without qualification.”

Mark Victor Hansen
CoFounder Chicken Soup For The Soul Series CoAuthor One Minute Millionaire & Motivational Speaker -

Mark Victor Hansen

Maria Veloso

“…a multi-talented web professional”

“Frank Deardurff is a consummate and multi-talented web professional — and his excellent work speaks for itself. Unlike other web designers I’ve encountered, Frank has a firm grasp of direct-response marketing and knows how to translate a website’s sales process into web design and technology that works. Combined with his fast turn-around time and reasonable prices, he’s the No. 1 choice in my book.”

Maria Veloso
Director of Web Copywriting University and author of “Web Copy That Sells: The Secret to Creating a Profitable Website”

What If I Have Technical Problems?

I myself have delivered many of my own training courses as well as webinars and teleseminars for other coaching groups. I’ve also published several books including one titled “50 Biggest Website Mistakes”.

As for the technical side of things I have completed the Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer Course and received a certificate for Microsoft Systems Administration, as well as having a certification for Novell Administration.

Before I started my own company Sixteen years ago I worked 9 years for a technical training company as a technical illustrator, desktop publisher and network administrator where I also developed and delivered training for in-house staff.

I've always had a knack with computers and having the network administration education under my built it only made since at the time to offer network consulting so when I opened my own web development company we provided network solutions to local Law firms and business offices.

Add to that I also offer website hosting services I feel confident saying I know the website business inside and out.


Why This Matters To You

With the diverse background I’ve had for many decades I’ve developed a knack for being able to explain technical (and non technical) information in a way that nearly anyone can understand it.

I’ve shared this with you only to validate that I have been recognized in these areas and give you some peace of mind that the information you’ve read to this point is not just words on a page but factual information about the level and quality of information you will find in my members area.

Your Online Independence Starts TODAY!

Here’s What You’re Getting In The Members Area

Training Courses is the first section of the members area. These training courses are generally are mostly multi-sessions of 90-minutes each. You will see courses such as Easy Websites 101, WordPress Strategies, Building Membership Sites, Anyone Can Podcast, Quick Publishing With Kindle, and the list continues to grow.

Here are SOME of what you learn. In these training courses YOU will:

  • Learn how to buy a domain and connect it to your web hosting.
  • How to install and work with WordPress in just minutes.
  • Know how to make changes to the text of your site.
  • Discover how you can make graphics for your website such as header graphics, Facebook timeline, and affiliate banners.
  • Learn how to record sales and training audio or videos and post them to your site.
  • How to increase traffic to your site with organic Search Engine Optimization S.E.O.
  • How to create and profit from your own membership sites and different ways they’re useful.
  • and much, much more.

Tutorial Videos is the Next Section you see in the members area. These are generally 10-minute quick tip, how to, how do I fix it, type of videos. These are videos that are generally requested by members on things they are stuck on. Or quick how-to’s from questions I’ve been asked from all of my years online. As a member, of course, you have the ability to submit your own questions and I will record the answer and post it to this section.

Some of the topics are topics such as:

  • Speeding up a sluggish computer – we all know that anything that keeps us from achieving our goals is costing us money. This video resolves the problem many of us face.
  • Fix images that are too big – you only have a a matter of seconds to reach your site visitor. By reducing your image size you will allow your pages to load more quickly.
  • What to do when I forgot my WordPress login info – This video helps when you have lost your username, password and email address used to reset your password.
  • How do I set the Name Servers for the domain I just bought? – This is a common question for many buying their first website domain.
  • What the heck is FTP and why do I need it? – from time to time you may need to access your website files directly, this video will show you how.
  • How can I add an email account for my domain? – There are many reasons you need to set up an email address for your domain, learn how by watching this video.

Interviews is the next section is where interviews with my marketing friends on a special topic or an interview of a business owners just like yourself. In fact it could actually be you.

There are a lot of unique business owners out there that are fulfilling their dreams. With these calls I want to find out what they feel got them to where they are, what they do and why they’re an entrepreneur and, of course, what they see is working for them. As we all know different things work for different markets and by hearing live what others are doing we can grow our business too.

Past interviews have been:

  • Marc Harty on Web PR – Press releases is yet another way to get traffic to your site. Marc explains how this works.
  • Ali Brown on Ezines and Newsletters – having your own newsletter helps set you as an authority and gets your information read by your followers.
  • David Hancock on Publishing Your Book – David is the founder of Morgan James Publishing and shares many tips for getting your book published.
  • Lorrie Morgan-Ferrero on Copywriting – Copywriting is the key to improving sales via your website, newsletters and emails.
  • Mike Stewart on Audio Hardware – we use audio and video so much these days on our website Mike shares some great tips.
  • And Many More

Website Critiques - If you feel your website is not performing the way you would like or maybe just want to get another set of eyes to look over and review your website. Then you can submit it in this section to get added to the list of reviews.

You can also watch previous reviews for ideas that others may have had on their websites. Or even see mistakes others have made and learn from their mistakes by watching their website critique replay. This a great way to be sure to improve your website and increase sales and conversions on your own site(s).

Some of the reasons critiques are useful:

  • Find out what is not working
  • To get another set of eyes on your work
  • You can see what others are doing
  • Suggestions on improving the site and product or service

Resources - The resource review section is to cover free and paid resources that I have found to work or products that others have asked me about. In many cases I will walk through the product if I have it or review the site and check it out if I don’t have it and give my opinion on it. These could be WordPress Plugins, Themes, Services, Applications and possibly even books.

This to can be something you are curious about and don’t see in the members area and want to find out more information about. Submit a request and if I think it is a useful tool, service or information I’ll be more than happy to give it a review and share my opinion.

Resource topics will be in areas such as:

  • WordPress plugins that improve functionality
  • WordPress Themes to enhance appearance
  • Merchant and cart services for taking orders online
  • Services and applications to increase productivity
  • Books, magazines and possibly articles
  • Websites that are good examples or provide a useful service

Ask Any Time Support - Of course we have our support area giving you the ability to submit a question via email or ask any question you need to about the members area, have a question about billing or even just share feedback about the site. We appreciate any and all feedback as that helps us improve the members area.

NOTE: With the online world ever changing there is a need to constantly update the members area. You will receive updates to any of the courses as they are updated and to any new courses added in addition to all of the tutorials and tips as they are added.

Bonus Member Benefit #1

In Case You Run Into Problems There Is The Panic Button!

There will be times that you run into a problem that you have to get solved right away. And for whatever reason, you don’t know how to get it fixed. Well, as a member you will have access to a “Panic Button” which will allow you to submit your problem and receive a video answer or a even a fix within 24 hours.

In the past, I have charged thousands of dollars for this service but as a member, you will get your questions answered at an extremely reduced rate per question/incident.

This is a service that I no longer offer to the public, but I want to be sure as a member you can get the answers you need when you need it. In fact, in most cases, this is the only way to get instant access to me.

Here are a couple examples of how this could be useful…

Imagine you’ve sent out a promotion for a product and then get reports your site has been hacked and is no longer accessible – Major Panic, right?

Here is another situation that I’ve already recorded and added to the member’s area… Say your web person has installed WordPress for you and you are unable to reach them. You need access but you have no clue what the username or password is. You try to reset the password but the email address that the lost password reset is sent to is not yours. Panic! well, not if you are a member.

“…I called you in a panic”

Frank, I can’t begin to express my gratitude and amazement at your help today. Last week we spoke about you helping me redesign and reprogram my website to help with my conversion rate. In the meantime, I played around with – and totally screwed up – my home page. Just after I bought a whole new round of pay per click traffic, too!

I called you in a panic, hoping that you could at least help me how to undo the worst of the damage until you could take a serious look and fix it. Instead, you downloaded the page, asked me three questions, and totally fixed – and improved – the page in about five minutes. Before we were done chatting, you had emailed the new page to me, explained exactly how I should upload it, and what procedure to follow to avoid making this mistake again. Even though I was feeling like an idiot, you were totally respectful, upbeat, calm, understanding, and reassuring.

Thank you so much for all your help!

Howard Jacobson

Howard Jacobson

Bonus Member Benefit #2

Free Website Hosting As Long As You're A Member

Because I want you to make it even easier for you to get started, you will receive the basic plan package at my hosting service which is a $180 value. You will receive the same features and benefits I use on my servers and receive support directly from me on any questions or issues that may arise.

You Need This Whether You Have A Webmaster Or Not

I think it is important to know how to handle most things yourself in a pinch if needed. Maybe it’s after hours for your web person, they can’t be reached or you just don’t have a web person and trying to get things going yourself or even just prefer to do it yourself.

Then this solution is perfect for you because as you can see above I’ve been there and done everything from running my own web servers to every aspect of the web business and marketing and I’m ready to share that knowledge with you in an affordable low-cost solution.

So, Quite Fighting Success and Join Right Now, Today


Here’s A Wrap Up Of What You Receive
When You Become A Member

Each month you remain a member of the Inner Circle Membership you receive:

  • Access to full length training courses which are added frequently.
  • Mini training courses on a wide range of topics which are added frequently.
  • Quick tip videos added based on members need.
  • Access to Resources and Resource Reviews.
  • Access to the interview library.
  • Basic level web hosting as long as you are a member.
  • Access to email any time support. Run into a problem, just submit a ticket.
  • Access to the Members Only “Panic Button”.

(You paying for continued access with the ability to cancel at any time no questions asked.)

STOP Wasting Your Time and Money!

You’ve already spent way to much of your hard earned time and money trying to find solutions. You owe it to yourself and your success to quit TRYING and start DOING. I believe I’ve proven my track record of abilities and I’ve even proved my longevity in the online world. You have nothing to lose because you can cancel at ANY time and owe nothing more, no questions asked.

I am positive that you will learn what you need to know that I’m willing to give you access to everything in the member’s area for only $1 for a complete 21-days.

Face it, $1 in today’s market might get you something off the value menu at your favorite fast food chain. But for that same $1 you can get some real value that can help you generate a lot more dollars if you apply what you learn in my Inner Circle members area. Go ahead click here and do it right now!

As a reminder (I know this page is long!) In my member’s area, you get access to ALL of my course, ALL of my training calls, ALL of my tips and tutorial videos, ALL of my Reviews and Interview, ALL of my member call-in days, and so much more. Oh, An YES you get access to email me anytime ANY questions you have regarding your online business. I will do my best to either answer these questions to the best of my knowledge or locate an answer or resource for you!.

Go ahead if you are unsure of spending the $97 a month to get access to me, spend One Dollar right now and check it out for yourself for the next 21 days, if you don’t find anything you find useful cancel at any time and don’t pay a penny more Guaranteed.

Until we connect again I wish you all the best and much success in everything you do!

Frank Deardurff III – That One Web Guy!